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  The company's entrepreneurial spirit:
Solidarity, courage and hard work, study and innovation, the pursuit of excellence, advancing with the times and serve the motherland. 

The company's commitment:
To consumers: to provide a good product, good service. The client: win-win cooperation and common development. Staff: education and training, achievement in life.
The community: management according to law, and create value for society, public feedback. Create a work of "home" atmosphere, smooth communication between team; Qi hand in hand with entrepreneurship harmonious team.
Companies employing principles:
Open, just, fair; virtuous exceptional talent reuse, not only cultivate virtuous use of restrictions on hiring talent without virtue, without virtue is not only determined not.
The company's management philosophy:
With the cultural cohesion of the people, using the system to control human nature, life with a brand success. 
The company's pursuit of
Class staff training, building first-class team. R & D-class technology, excellent management practice. Production-class products and provide first-class service, create first-class brand.
Our advantages:
    3G official superior resources, personnel, professional, and innovation is to provide customers with value-added communication services to 4 share a strong force.
Our mission: to provide customers great brands and customer win-win success.
Employee code of conduct:
Law-abiding, self-discipline, good service, the language of civilization,
Dedication, Compliance operation, quality first, excellence, hard work,
Austerity, instrument correct, solidarity, honesty and trustworthiness, caring for public property,

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